Pre and Post Surgical Support

One Body Weight Loss & Wellness Center

In some cases, bariatric surgery can be a beneficial and very viable option for those who continue to struggle losing massive amounts of weight that can be hazardous to their overall health.

Weight loss surgery works in two ways to help people lose weight. The first is called malabsorption, which is where the food is diverted from part of the small intestine, causing less calories to be absorbed into the body, thus aiding in weight loss. The second is called restriction, which is where the stomach is prevented to stretch to its normal size, so it keeps the patient feeling fuller with a less amount of food. Depending on the type of surgery, some patients can lose a significant portion of their extra weight.

At One Body, we understand that having any type of bariatric surgery is an important decision. Our physician supervised weight loss program can help you lose any necessary weight before or after our procedure and our medical providers will formulate an individualized plan for you before and after your surgery to help you succeed long term. Our experienced and highly trained providers and staff are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have along the way as you transition to a healthier lifestyle. We do provide pre- and post-operative support for our patients who have made the decision to have surgery and can provide weekly support to you, as well as documentation to your bariatric physician, as you embark on your weight loss journey.

Are you considering surgery? Come in for a consultation and our medical provider will help you decide if a referral to a bariatric surgeon is the best option.

Have you already decided to have surgery? Come in for a consultation and let One Body help formulate a nutrition plan to optimize your success. We will never try to talk you out of your decision to have bariatric surgery. We simply want to help as you transition to a healthier lifestyle and we feel privileged to participate in your journey. We will work with your surgeon to provide you the best pre and post care.

Do you need six months of participation in a medical weight loss program before your insurance will pay for your surgery? We can help and will work with you to maximize your weight loss during this period.

Have you had bariatric surgery and started gaining weight back? We do see patients who experience this we will work closely with you to reverse the situation and help get you back on the right track!