Brett Lost 61 Pounds!

Brett Lost 61 Pounds!

Advice to someone wanting to start their own weight loss journey:

You need to be ready and want to commit to a total shake up of how your life is. There are days when it will be hard but when you start seeing results after the first week, the results become an awesome motivator. Follow the plan they lay out for you, and it will work. Keep a food log – it will keep you honest. Also, keep a weigh in log to help keep you motivated. Prepare ahead of time don’t leave things until the last minute or you will find an excuse not to follow the plan- I did a few times. Enjoy the results, the only down side is not fitting in your old clothes, and needing new ones.

Tell us about your weight loss transition from where you were to where you are now:

I started transformation when having trouble getting my shoes on due to my belly being in the way, and being out of breath when going up a small set of stairs. My Cholesterol wasn’t where is should be and I was going to have to go up to XXL clothes, which didn’t make me feel very good about where I was. Now, after the 61 pound loss, I have more energy, more positive about myself, I’m in a better mood, and my cholesterol is now back in range. I can run and play with my kids without running out of breath.

One Body made a difference in my life because…

With their guidance, knowledge, and support I have a new zest for life that will keep me from going back to the way I used to be. I feel and look young again thanks to the new lifestyle choice they have provided me.

*NOTE: Results may vary for each patient depending on the patient’s medical history and level of compliance with our program which includes, among other things, nutrition and exercise counseling. Read full disclaimer.*